2. 11:19 16th Nov 2013

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    I want to direct a sci-fi musical with songs written by Yasutaka Nakata

  3. 13:07 2nd Nov 2013

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    re: the comment box on this page - where is horb when you need her

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    some guy + hamada juri

    some guy + hamada juri

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  5. 14:51 1st Nov 2013

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    sometimes my mindset is “kill all men” and at other times it’s just “kill most men”

  6. 14:50

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    1. Girl in my English class: Americans don't realize how good they've got it. The biggest problems that we have are things like gun rights and... gay rights, and --
    2. Me: *I shoot myself in the head*
  8. 10:12 22nd Oct 2013

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    mashup i just made of “no hands” by flocka and “computer city” by perfume

    not perfect but it turned out better than it had any right to

    might edit it more later but here it is for now

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